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Concepts for the Future of DH Librarianship

Libraries are defining Digital Humanities support, depending on an institution specific definition of Digital Humanities. This means that librarians are also repurposing their traditional roles as researchers and using the terminology of digital scholarship to reframe their practices. The librarians role in digital humanities is the same role the librarian has always upheld, to support and assist research.

With that said Library practices must evolve to consider DH tools and initiatives. My original research questions, have led me to begin building my own DH information resource.

  • Where have librarians placed themselves in the field of Digital Humanities?
  • What kind of Help guides and Tutorials are available through libraries?
  • What kind of resources do libraries have online with regard to text files/ program tutorials?

Blog/Resources: Libraries with the best Blogs, were libraries with Digital Humanities blogs. These publications consisted of discussions that were available to a wider rage of DH Scholars. I would consider these sources as a kind of alternative publication format (specifically related to my personal definition of Digital Humanities). These are blogs that I personally subscribed to after I read them:

Boston University: BlogFeedback-on-the-ipadCopyright-public-domainESTHR: Evolutionary Subject Tagging in the Humanities:

 Columbia University: Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning

Indiana University Bloomington: Centers, Sites and Blogs

University of Maryland: DH Culture

University of Miami: Paperless University

Stanford University: Stanford Literary Lab

University of Virginia: Scholar’s LabBlog

Help Guides: The most helpful library guides were specific tutorial publications. These guides gave technical how to documentation regarding a specific tool/program. The Following list of help guides I would use as referral resources for Digital Humanities scholars.

Boston University: Tools: Wmatrix: WordSmith tools: Lexical analysis software

Case Western Reserve University: Help Guides: Incredibly in depth help guides related to audio/visual equipment functionality.

Columbia University: Resources

Georgia Tech:  Create A Journal: This is a service related to Open access Journals and includes a guide on hosting independent journals.

University of Illinois Champaign Urbana:Tools: OMEKAData cleaning

Indiana Bloomington University: Services

University of Kansas:  Text Mining: This text mining page is an overview of tools and sources.

Rutgers University: Tools: Tutorials: This tutorial is an older web design tutorial.

University of Virginia: Scholars’ Lab ( alternatively:  ResourcesTutorials

UCLA Library Guide:

The future of library DH support lies in the understanding that DH projects and institutions are not physically co-located, but they can communicate through the interconnected Digital Humanities internet community.


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