Boys & Unicorns & SPARKLES

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Boys & Unicorns & SPARKLES
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This internet page is inspired by the conversation “What do girls dig?” initiated by Bethany Nowviskie. I encountered this piece, not on the internet nor through my myriad of nonexistent twitter followers, but printed in a Digital Humanities Reader:

Gold, Mathew. Debates in the Digital Humanities . University of Minnesota Press. 2012.

This piece, about the gender ratios of Digital Humanists,  is concluded by Noviskie with the comment,  “Boys & Unicorns & SPARKLES should be a new blog for woman in DH :).”  I have made this blog, in response to Noviskie and to a Text Mining class I am taking with Ted Underwood at the University of Illinois.

My name is Julia Pollack, I am a Library information Science student, and I am using this space to build my own definition of DH scholarship.

With this site I will attempt to aggregate my own reference experiences from librarians and library sources regarding Digital Humanities.


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